Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(Added later). On Sunday, as I was looking at photographs, the Dell computer froze. I took it to Honson's who are now in the Home hardware store across the street and Mr. Honson, who now speaks much better English, had it ready by Wednesday, I think. He complained that Dell hard drives are the worst and that it had just given in. He restored a funny version of Windows and we seem to have lost some stuff although he did back it up. He gave me a screw driver to open the old hard drive. As he said it would be, it is beautiful inside. I think sixteen of them in a grid behind glass would make a very satisfying art piece. The one I deconstructed, just like the alarm clock when I was five(!), sits in our glass fronted cupboard, Come to think of it one of those hideous Louis Quinze cabinets all wood and brass and glass filled with open hard drives would be hilarious.

First post sitting in bed with the new notebook and the new router installed by William.

On Monday I got a toothache above my right cuspidor, I think it is called. As we passed the university building I love designed by German architects, the ache spread to my whole mouth and then, in that order, to the right side of my chest going across to approximately where my heart is. After some indecision, I got off the streetcar at Bay and walked back towards the Toronto General Emergency where I was admitted a while back. by the time I got there, it had passed off and I turned around and went to Starbucks for breakfast.

I had quarrelled the night before,first in the supermarket and later in bed, but when I thought again that I might be dying, I could only regret that she would have that last image of me and that I would be sulking about something really quite unimportant compared to my permanent absence from her life at least.

Tuesday was, as usual, my favourite day of the week. I stopped off at the greenhouse in Allen Gardens on the way home, but could not find a gardener. I want to know the name of the plant in the North East corner of the park, on the left as I get off the street car, which will soon be mauve all over. It is very exotic and rare and I want to find out all about it as I did about the catalpa tree a few years ago.

I learned about the unabomer this afternoon on wikipedia. (Edited this the next day).

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