Thursday, May 8, 2008

This morning a quarter of an hour before my work time had even started I was chosen to wash a man who had shit down both legs. When he was changed he did this again, I washed him again and changed him and he did it yet again. This time I pulled him unwillingly (on both our parts) into diapers. He was not a nice man. The reason I get chosen for this work is that, having changed babies, feces don't make me physically sick, but the task is impressive especially when repeated three times. Towards the end of my day I was asked to take a man shopping. He walked about as slowly as a human being can progress down a street without keeping still. Nevertheless, thinking that I had never walked on Dundas Street so slowly, I realised it was a beautiful day and that buildings actually looked more interesting than usual as they revealed themselves inch by inch. That song "My Eyes are wide open", by John Lennon popped into my mind as a tune, before I realised what I was humming to myself. I left work another quarter of an hour late.

This evenning we chose seven houses to look at over the next three days. William hates all of them.

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