Saturday, May 10, 2008

They have just finished watching "There Will be Blood" upstairs. And so to bed.....

I spelled her name right, but the street is "Heintzman".

One of the suburban homes was very nice and so spacious with so many real closets. I would like it as I could bus to the end of the subway line and presumably get a seat on the train. Also under our transport system it would not cost me anymore than the relatively short distance I now travel.

It would be more of an imposition on the children, but my reasoning is that it will encourage them to move out and set up their own places which I look forward to. Also the house would not so often be invaded by guests.

There is a hill nearby, made of garbage, on which people ski and snowboard, even with its own monte pente.

There is a park across the road for the darn dog and heavy occupation fees keep everything tidy, snow clear and in good order. Very attractive in a different way from anything we have ever known.

Our idea so far is to make a higher offer on Heintzman which opens on the 12th and if that fails a lower offer on Bloor West which has been on the market for 44 days.

We Still like Leeanne a lot. She has a husband, whom she refers to as her boyfriend and with whom she works and five, five children. She plays hockey.

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