Monday, May 18, 2009

Scotland postcard. Soon after they built the bridge. How exciting railways must have been when they were as modern and popular as the Internet. We are off to Gatwick this summer. I wish we were going by steamer and train. Each century the middle class gets less comfortable, although sometimes larger. Certainly healthier. On Saturday morning, I took Cathy, who was in great discomfort, to the local health clinic. Lovely building and she was seen straight away; evidently no charge. With health care like that, we may begin to feel more guilty than smug. How come I get to be so comfortable, despite the cramped conditions of airline travel? Today is the last of three lovely days off work. We celebrate the monarchy as we never did in England. I've been to Costco twice in three days. Otherwise have not been out of the house. Slept a lot, looked at blogs, watched "Entourage", ate well, and lazed as much as possible.


willow said...

I'm envious of your health care system up there, Marc.

Sounds like you had a lovely three day weekend!

French Fancy said...

off to Gatwick - and where will you go after that?

marc aurel said...

My brothers own a house in Sussex. We went there last summer and four summers before then. I blogged about last August, but was not able to access the internet while I was there. This summer we may go on a side trip to the Isle of Wight.