Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day at home, as I needed to be out in Nobleton at 9.30 for teeth cleaning. My wonderful dentist, whom I followed out there, when he moved from his downtown office, was actually not there. He now has a very pleasant younger partner who examined me. My dentist, (my hope is that I will die before him), will now work two days a week. Ironically he sold his farm, the reason for moving out to Nobleton in the first place, and has moved to a condo in our suburb. I love the drive out there three times a year. The land right now is brown and still has some snow on it. Beyond his village is a moraine and I drove up there today. Many plots of land for sale as, apparently they will put in sewer mains. Already great tracts are being prepared for roads and more sprawl. It reminded me of Santa Ponsa when I was twelve. Something to write about some day.

Home in the early afternoon, some boys are asleep and some blaring their U tube music. Slept poorly last night although not because of any unhappiness, perhaps because consciously and unconsciously I knew I had the day off, mainly to myself, today.

We have had garbage problems ever since we moved in and, very fed up, I got through to our city councillor's office. They have been great and most of the problems are fixed. Then last night a neighbour, noticing that they had smashed our little composting bin, offered us hers as she keeps her compost for her parents' garden.

Very cold, beautiful clear skies. Half moon sleeping on its back. Lots more stars than downtown.


lakeviewer said...

Marc, oh Marc, you left me out,oh no!

lakeviewer said...

O.k. I forgive you. It's hard to keep up with so many people, but I checked the other blog you listed, and you are not following that one. So, you just need to correct it, that's all. Simple. Then, I'll be quite happy and calm again. (Don't take this seriously, it's my meds talking these days.)

sciencegirl said...

If those blossoms are this year's, I'm SO jealous! The trees in my yard aren't even getting serious with their buds yet. Though perhaps the trees simply learned their lesson from last year's late freeze, which wiped out the apricots and plums.

French Fancy said...

Left out of what? Curious now

Our dentists here in France are not very good, not a patch on the one I used to have in London. Injections with fillings are NOT the norm, you have to more or less beg for one and the dentist does all the hygiene work himself, there is no separate person doing it.

All the jokes you North Americans make about European teeth are quite true really.

lakeviewer said...

Mark, or Marc?
Anyway, as I was saying, you listed Sixtyup, not sixtyfivewhatnow. I know you don't follow sixtyup. Do you read these comments?

Natalie said...

Nice pics and ramblings about dentist. :D