Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Changing barometric pressure

They're dropping like flies. I thought it was just me, but so many people are not sleeping well, have head aches, have colds coming on (that never do come on) and that generally are out of sorts and stressed.
Some people say it is because of changing barometric pressure. I've never heard a doctor say this, although there are plenty who will talk of allergies, rag weed, dust mites and other causes of physical malaise, which, in my youth, were only talked about by CRANKS.
But back to the barometric pressure. Will one day these changes and differences be reported on the evening news to alert us to spring and other seasonal fevers?
The sense that lots of people are also under the weather is actually a great relief for me. I know when I began to feel a little off kilter and when this progressed to something quite a bit worse. It would be comforting if someone could tell me that it will all be over by April, or Easter even.
Maybe that's what Easter really is. The fresh start.
I will post this on two blogs because I want to garner opinions about changing barometric pressure.


JPDeni said...

There was just a story on the national news here yesterday about how temperature, with a nod to barometric pressure, can have an effect on headaches. This is something I've known for decades. In fact, when I knew that we were going from rainy/snowy to sunshine, I knew that I would get a migraine. It happens every time there is a change from low pressure to high. Sure enough. I woke up with one of my doozies this morning.

marc aurel said...

This is fascinating. Thank you for your response. Sorry about the headache. Funny word for a very unfunny condition.

virginia said...

yes, barometric pressure affects humans! i had a sudden, horrific headache as the eye of a hurricane passed over my house, and then the headache disappeared when the storm passed.

i can always tell when a front is moving in...

on another note, something that may interest you: tape wallpaper!