Friday, March 13, 2009

Bulbophyllum Makoyanum, half flower orchid of Hawaii.

Another week, another few dollars, even today, when I stayed home sick, under slept. March madness, I suppose, joined by all the usual older person's complaints. I'm getting too old to be old. WD says that the recompense for all the inconveniences of old age is still being alive(!). I called him and he indicated how I might improve that elusive sleep hygiene.

Spell checking is, very slowly, teaching me how to spell.. Now I want one of those programs, which bypasses arthritic fingers, by letting me talk at the computer which turns what I say into written text. I will blog on right up to my demise. It would be nice to finish with a joke like,"bugger Bognor", or, "Either this wall paper must go, or I must".

At home, mainly by myself, I did fall asleep a couple of times today. Perhaps I should never have given up the beta blockers, which, thinking I would be at work today, I took again last night since my tremble had returned in force.

Must run to watch, "The Fifth Estate", about injection sites.


lakeviewer said...

Now, I admit, I can't keep up with your latest ailment. Forget spellcheck. We can't let a list of words decide how to best move the sentence to the next stage.

Meds ruin many good nights.

lakeviewer said...

WAit a minute: you choose to take or not to take your beta blocker? I'm not a doctor, nor a nurse, but I know better than mess with meds. I take them religiously, following written instructions. If something goes wrong and is not listed on the 'watch these side-effects' I will call the doctor and lay down the culprits.

Marc, for your health and peace of mind, bother the doctor about everythin. Everything. Let him/her solve the puzzle.

Isn't that why they get so much more money than the rest of us? They spent more years in trial and error wards to come up with fool-proof solutions, most of the time. Go as soon as they open.

French Fancy said...

I also don't sleep very well and have read (as no doubt you have too) many manuals on the subject. They all mention not sleeping too much during the day which, one when is so tired from not having slept much the night before, is oh so tempting.

Hope you feel a bit brighter soon. Me - I've woken up with that hangover-type feeling but the thing is that I seldom drink wine and certainly didn't last night. Must me by age.

marc aurel said...

I have a prescrition for beta blockers not for my heart, but for aquite pronounced tremble of the hands, which, in turn, is a side effect of other medication. Only trouble is that they make me very tired during the day, even when I am well rested. Doc told me I could stop and start whenever, as a violinist he knows does.
I was overtired this week and began to tremble so badly I was having trouble pouring from a bottle. It is also a bit emarassing.
As to bothering them, I have excellent practioners, 1,2,3,4,5and 6. I seem to spend most of my free time going from one to another. I think I forgot 7.

marc aurel said...

My early education was split and I never learned basics in either language. Also I have to type looking at the keyboard, so that I make frequent typo's. I tend to rely on spell check and rereading to correct frequent inversions like si for is. I guess I'm a bit LD.

French Fancy said...

If you look at the last sentence I put you'll see a perfect example of me feeling crap today.

marc aurel said...

French Fancy,
I am sure it is the weather. The transition from winter to spring with barometric pressure changing fast, allergies to various plants, in snowy climes you have to splosh through mud and lastly that feeling of "Oh my God, will this winter ever be over?"
Then comes Easter, rebirth and we break out the eggs, but right now that is still a whole month away. Brrrr.