Friday, April 23, 2010

The young magnolia in our tiny back yard had forty one flowers. Rain has knocked about a fifth of their petals off, but the other varieties hereabouts and downtown were in full bloom yesterday and the day before. Those with exposure to the afternoon sun were more open. Two trees on one local street are enormous and in front of quite meagre houses. What I would do on a deck set among the branches of a giant magnolia. From now on it is all honey until December.


French Fancy said...

I've got a sad magnolia story for you. I planted one three years ago and it has never flowered. The azaleas and camellias nearby are thriving. Such a shame because it is one of my favourite things.

marc aurel said...

We are planting bamboo. Their reputation states that they do mothing at all for seven years and then shoot up. We may not be here by then. How is the wood of your obstinate magnolia? So glad to see your gourmandise once more.

French Fancy said...

The wood looks dead and I really think it's time to pull it up.