Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tower Beyond Tragedy, by Robinson Jeffers

They have not made words for it
To go behind things
Beyond hours and ages
And be all things in all time
In their returns and passages
In the motionless and timeless centre
In the white of the fire
How can I express the excellence I have found?
That has no colour, but clearness
No honey, but ecstasy
Nothing wrought, nor remembered
No undertone, nor silver second murmur that rings in love's voice
I and my love are one
No desire but fulfilled
No passion but peace
The pure flame and the white
Firier than any passion
No time but spheral eternity
I have fallen in love outward

(I'm not sure of the line layout and the punctuation and I think he invented fireier, or firier, but this is how I copied it, in long hand, years ago.)

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