Friday, April 30, 2010

"If you eat a lot of chocolate you may want to pay attention to this post, apparently research has recently been revealed which shows that regular chocolate eaters are more likely to suffer with depression than people who eat chocolate now and again.

Currently there is no scientific proof to prove this, however a recent study across 1,000 adults showed that the more chocolate a man or woman ate, the lower their mood would be.

Part of the research saw some people eat more than six 28g chocolate bars a month, individuals who ate this much scored the highest levels of depression".

And I've been munching away on the presumption that it affects that part of the brain right next door to the part where falling in love is perceived. It's all a wash of micro chemical reactions in there anyway and really the old ways of prayer and meds (that's meditations) work best. But since Richard did not buy me an choco latte, I'll have me a short coffee instead and put off dharma practice until tomorrow morning. TGIF.


willow said...

What? And I thought all this lovely dark chocolate was boosting my endorphins and filling me with antioxidants. Sheesh.

marc aurel said...

It was and is. Maybe the depressives are drawn to the function of chocolate that effects the part of the brain, which is next door to the part of the brain where we limmer.