Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now that the not entirely unsuccessful revival of my thespian activities is over, I was looking forward to a return to the land of Marc Aurel's blog, What more suitable picture would I find as wikipedia's POD than this of the town, which is local to our yearly summer retreat in England. Over the years I have been to Brighton countless times by train, bus, car and once on a bicycle, although that time I did not get all the way there before I came back with my tail and my bike between my legs on the train. In summer, the heat in the village we go to can be oppressive and in London the car fumes can make you quite sick, but the air in Brighton is always fresh and bracing, No wonder it was so popular with George the third and since then with practically everyone fortunate enough to go there.

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willow said...

Some day I must visit Brighton. I've seen it so much on film, I practically feel like I've been there, already.