Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matthew has been using our car to get to work. He could not get there by transit on time. Since he owes us, he picks Cathy up from work at 4.30 and came to get me at the theatre after every performance and most rehearsals. Now he also picks me up at Long Branch station, so that I have been taking the train again a few times of late. I want to go to the cinema at Yonge and Dundas every week and it is easy to drop down to Union station and betrain out to our suburb. About the car: it is now paid off and each time we spend a bomb on the repairs I say, "well we just got a good second hand car for 1600 dollars", or 1800, or 800. The car itself was originally modelled for Lancia, not used by them and sold to Chrysler. I love its sleek, organic styling. Its large enough for five, four of whom are over six feet and it rides very comfortably on the highway. As I am more and more conservative, I realise that I never want to have any other car.


willow said...

I drive a 96 Land Rover, that's seen better days. But, hey, it's paid off!

marc aurel said...

that's impressive. I doubt the Chrysler will still be running in 2015, but it might