Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like the poor woman who did about a year ago, I almost slipped on the slush at the foot of the steps at Long Branch station. I was just saying to the nice English nurse here at work that in Switzerland such floor surfaces are often covered with a toothed steel grating, which absorbs snow and ice, drains away the slush, and stops rubber soled boots from slipping. In ski resorts steps are sometimes made of this material too. Do people sue the GO system here when they fall on GO property?
I have a cold, but perhaps because I now take Cold FX every day it is not as bothersome as my regular colds used to be.
As often happens, when I am in a stressful situation, it is often because I am committed to perform and thus I do it and cannot be too ill while the demands continue. When they are over is when I break. Thus I have not been sleeping well. The play is over and I should have every reason to be more relaxed than usual, but it is now that I can afford to let the stress get to me. Some people who get headaches get them, I gather, on the weekend.


Barry said...

When I'm heading downtown I catch the train at Guildwood Station. They put enough salt on the pavement and steps to equal the daily portion used in all MacDonald's restaurants in Canada combined.

It does wonders for the soles of yur boots too.

marc aurel said...


willow said...

Funny thing, mind over matter, or mind over sickness. Feel better and don't slip slide away!

willow said... new Hay Fever avatar!