Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some of these thoughts are posted in "As If, C'est What?" my other public blog, so if you have read them there, don't bother with this lot.

I am almost bored of being at home all this time. I went into town yesterday to meet my best and oldest friend in Canada for a Thai lunch. I bought that Emilie Claire Barlow disc, but, playing it today, I realised that the manufacturer had inserted the wrong disc into the right jewel case. This has never happened to me before. Very annoying.

Today I went in early for an INR test as I had stopped taking Coumadin, (unnecessarily), for two days before oral surgery last week. It still bothers me and, since I am an absolute coward about pain, I'm still taking occasional Tylenol.

About the boredom, I have always maintained that a really good holiday is when you get bored of being on holiday. I am on strike for things I do not want and don't even approve of. I do see that the city's offers are unfair to new hires, but I would actually benefit from them.

The pickets, according to the rather conservative media I follow and according to my management wife, who has to cross them, are rude, obstructive, aggressive and generally out for blood. As long as I can avoid it, I will not join them, but I will stay away from work. I will make a sacrifice of income for the general good of less advantaged members.

However I feel love and loyalty for and to my City and I know that it cannot afford the reimbursements it has up to now offered to its employees. If we did get what the union is demanding our rates would have to rise substantially, which would be an extra burden on the working poor and pensioners. I've already belonged to one group and will, all too soon, belong to the other.


lakeviewer said...

Hi Marc, good to see you too. I cannot respond on your other blog, btw. You're in a strike pose at work? Always tough for everybody.

marc aurel said...

Yea, I seem to have disabled comments by mistake. Just went back and tried to correct that

French Fancy said...

I've never been on strike but do admire people who stand up for what they believe in. I'm in the Land of Strikes really!

Anonymous said...

Difficult position to be in re strike.

I still can't post on other blog,