Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emilie-Claire Barlow:
"The Very Thought of You"
Got it today Monday 29th. Much better on CD than the concert recordings on U Tube.

Actually I discovered on Tuesday that I was listening to a different although similar artist.

Anther time I got a disc of arias from the library, but the texts recorded on my computer were for another opera collection entirely, so I'm very familiar, (from my MP3 player), with about seven arias and no idea where they come from.


Anonymous said...

I've found your blog at last.

I've been looking all over for it,


marc aurel said...

I went back and HMV willingly gave me the right disc. This singer is wonderful, especially "The Duck" half in Brazilian Portuguese and half in English. Her French is not perfect, but the way she adds a novel, creative touch to mostly standards is.