Monday, June 1, 2009

Cold, rainy first of June.

And now we long for the summer. Not the summer of stuffy work rooms with air conditioning, which does not work, but the leisurely summers out on the lawn, down by the river or at a dance in the cool evenings. Renoir knew his buyers well. Picasso said that during the war people were starving for good food so that food was what he painted. So it was in the Paris winters, when the cobblestones were constantly wet and slippery and Renoir' s customers, like me, longed for summer days far from the drudgery of work and cold.


willow said...

Uh oh. You're feeling the effects of Leatherlips all the way over there?

acornmoon said...

I did not know that, how interesting. Renoir was one of the first artist's work that I was introduced to as a child so I still have an affection for it.

marc aurel said...

When I was a young man, there was a show of impressionists at the Met in New York. It was exciting enough being in that city, but that show and the crowds remain vivid. If I waited long enough in front of each painting, I could, very slowly, get right to the front, until I was as close as the painters had been.