Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On my three sons again.

Now this is ridiculous. They call me at work to beg me to take the eldest shopping when I got home. So I have to skip my own last minute stuff to be home early enough. When I arrive he says he is so tired, won't I go for him. His mother, now get this, has told him she would like a Reitman's gift card. He gets her to give him her bank card, so that he can borrow money from her to get me to buy the gift card she has asked for. Wouldn't it be simpler for her to go out and spend her own money as she pleases? This "spirit of Christmas" thing sometimes gets out of hand. And another thing... people keep asking me what I will be getting drunk on for Christmas. Admittedly mainly alcoholics, but to each and every one I grumble "Whether Christ is a myth or a historical character, I don't think his birth warrants me going out and getting drunk". Herumph. It has snowed heavily here and today rained all afternoon. Most of the drains are blocked and I imagine almost everyone got home with wet feet. I left my wellies in England. They said that Union station would have its busiest day of the year. So everyone went home early. By the time I got there, there must have been about six people on the whole train. I can't think of anything else to grump about for now.

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