Tuesday, December 16, 2008

French Fancy posted this meme. Here goes:

My Ex - we thought we were soul mates. I guess one of the reasons we broke up was my undiagnosed and therefore untreated bi-polar mood disorder. Fortunately we never had children and so only hurt each other.

I love - my wife, life and family.

People would say - that I'm lazy.

But really - I refuse to be and have little experience of being bored.

I don't understand - How economies, often of very different levels of affluence, work.

When I wake up in the morning - weekdays I drag myself into sitting up, on days off, I sleep until I am bored of sleeping.

I lost - My cloth rabbit and my rubber frog. I know exactly where I left both of them.

My past is - gone for ever. No regrets.

Parties are - usually a bit bothersome for me. The only ones I have really enjoyed were cast parties after plays and student parties at theatre school.

I wish - I could find a moustache comb I could slip into my back pocket. This is surprisingly difficult.

Dogs - are sucky, dependant, demanding and sometimes very cute.

Cats - , from kittens to Bengal tigers, are proud, beautiful, noble and sometimes very cuddly.

Tomorrow - and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. A great speech. I feel the diametric opposite.

I have a low tolerance for - prolonged goodbyes. For me it's kiss, kiss and leave. When I was young I had a very good friend who did not even say goodbye. He would just get up and leave. Perfect. Died of alcoholism.

Go on - leap before you look.

If I had a million pounds - I would start a foundation, which would give yearly awards for life philosophies.

I am totally terrified - rarely, but when I jay walk, I sometimes realise I am stuck half way across, with cars speeding by in front and behind. I want to die conscious and calm. Not in extreme pain or alarmed.

The only rule is that anyone is welcome to jump in and use it.


French Fancy said...

I liked all the things you put. I didn't realise you were bi-polar (but then why on earth should I?). I suppose these days doctors are much more aware of their patients' needs and can prescribe meds to help.I had an uncle who was manic-depressive (that's what they used to call it, isn't it?) and it was quite difficult to be around him - quite scary for a child - to see a grown man crying.

I hardly go to parties any more but I used to love them.

marc aurel said...

I can imagine you loving parties. Meds for bi-polar have advanced enormously even since I was diagnosed. Ah, the wonders of science. Very sorry about your uncle.