Monday, December 1, 2008

I've got to get this down. Years ago I had a job as a bank courier and the man who trained me said that I should never walk on the escalators, either going up or going down. He felt they should do their work for you. So I always stand on the escalator at Union station even though it usually has a long line up. Well tonight I was going towards it slowly and I saw the man in front of me turn back. I noticed he had a slight limp. The escalator wasn't working, but people were still struggling up the oversized steps. I followed the man. He did not take the regular stairs, but went further back along the platform and summoned the elevator for handicapped people. I followed him in. I thought why the hell not. Me: "How old are you?". He looked offended, intruded upon, but I smiled and said, "I'm asking because you're obviously older than me, but you don't look retired." I had won him over. He also smiled and said, "I work for the federal government, I'm seventy seven and I love my work". "You have given me hope", I said and we parted. Later we almost shared another elevator to the train platforms, but there wasn't much room on it and I said I could wait for it to come down again. He has given me hope.

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willow said...

I loved this story. We could pass around a lot of hope if we simply spoke to each other more, don't you think?