Monday, January 7, 2008

Slept poorly last night as the bedroom was much warmer, however I woke not too tired and posted the passport application and insurance claim which Ccthy had filled in for me on Sunday.

We had had a very nice weekend. Went out to see Atonement which she thought brilliant and I thought cold and too effect ridden to be good. But I was not bored.
and then we rented Vanity Fair which had one of the same actresses playing Amarilla. I have not read the book and liked the film except for some over printed, or rather over saturated scenes which were obviously deliberate. I read the sinopsis on wikipedia and only the end was substancially different and the sexy indian dance before the regent. All the actors were very good and it was funny where a critic had said Thakeray had acerbic wit.

On Sunday we took the tree down and started our new diet of less cakes and candy. I might compete with others at work to lose twenty pounds first. Everyone agrees and I do too that I ought to take up swimming and or cycling which Cathy and I might do together.

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