Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well, yesterday I took most of the afternoon off and went to the urologist. I've had prostatitis three times now and, thinking it was only two, he decided to run some tests. He lubed up his fingers and examined my prostate which was neither embarrassing, nor uncomfortable, but I have to have a cistoscopy in two weeks, which may be.

Afterwards I gazed at the two new buildings at College and University. I like the less popular one much the most.Then got off a streetcar and had a sandwich of the day at Burger King and went into the computer store and checked out the Lenovo laptop. For some reason the man there gave me a IBM thinkpad price list. Anyway very cool with a thumbprint reader and joystick mouse. The best one was 1999, too much.

Home to eating chocolate covered almonds, an excellent dinner by Cathy and American Idol. Slept quite well, but not long enough and almost fell asleep at Toronto General this morning with a client who was in the HIV clinic and wanted me in on his consult. I liked him a lot and was more sad to think of him existing no more than he seemed to be for the same reason.

Doctors learn a lot of secrets which I cannot really talk about even here. Magnetic resonance machines had to be replaced with a simple CAT scan.

So two days of medicine.

Alex Trebeck is to be on Elen on Friday. I might go and see some documentaries at my local tonight instead of Ugly Betty which is fast becoming Boring Betty for me, not so much her as all the other goofballs. One girl on American Idol in Texas had me crying. Just her voice, she was also quite pretty, but with a very full figure in exceptionally well chosen clothes. Marrianne Faithfull had a voice like that.... for about a year.


marc aurel said...

That was Kadie Malloy. She is still in the last twenty.

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