Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday night I was woken by tension and pain across my upper body below the chest. I thought I was having a heart attack and prepared myself for death just in case. It passed off and I slept again.

Yesterday Cathy was in waves of pain and in the evening the telephone health service recommended that I get her to hospital. Matthew had borrowed the car so we had to go by ambulance. Cathy was screaming and crying out with pain.

Eventually at TGH she was given morphine and they found that she was passing kidney stones. We came home at three AM. I had called in an Ill dependant day.

We only slept till eight as we were called to return to the hospital for a CT scan. They confirmed two stones and we returned at one. I went immediately to get my INR but the line up was horrendous and I returned via Starbucks. They know my drink now and Hungry as I was, (I had not eaten since a subway at the hospital the night before), The fruit and grain bar and the drink were delicious.

I have spent 120 dollars since yesterday.

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French Fancy said...

Cathy has my sympathies. I've also passed stones and it is the most e x c r u c i a t i n g pain imaginable