Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I picked up this meme of your ten favourite movie characters from willow here. She got the meme from someone else who got it from someone else and thus I followed it back until I was satiated by people's choices. These are the first I thought of.


willow said...

Oh, these are great choices, Marc! Is this Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins? Oh, and I should have included DDL as Daniel Plainview, he was AMAZING in that role.

French Fancy said...

I like to see other people's choices but I'm going to pass on doing this. I hope you don't mind but I'm just not in the mood for this one.

Hey, I notice you are also doing blog moderation. Ever since being spammed by some Chinese porn person called 'ed', I've reinstated word veri. Oh well, it was good whilst the freedom lasted

marc aurel said...

willow: yes, "Holly Martins, Holly, Holly, such a silly name". When she walks past him at the end is one of the greatest moments in cinema.
FF: Actually I was inviting you to another meme on my "as if c'est what", but you need not do it, although I'd love to see your answers if you did.
I always moderate, but word verification still fills me with horror. "Oh the horror, the horror".