Saturday, April 25, 2009

I found this photograph somewhere some time ago. That is a wonderful way to mask ugly scaffolding, although I was looking at some very high scaffolding here in Toronto the other day and I thought that golden scaffolding rods on the outside of a new building would make a very attractive permanent cladding.

(Edited in later). two weeks later I saw that here in Toronto, the outside of the Bay store downtown is being worked on and the scaffolding is covered with a huge plastic tarp depicting the building before they started work on it. Like the one in Venice it must be about six stories high and wider than its height.

For example:

Or how about this Danish concert hall, which I found in April, 2012?


Sarah Laurence said...

What a delightful post on scaffolding. I love the Venice solution and how you found art in the ordinary.

Sorry not pick up your meme, but I don’t do them. I’ve never been any good at following rules. It was still nice to connect with you!

marc aurel said...

Perhaps you reveal more about yourself by not doing the meme! Thank you. When I was writing it, I realised what a nice word scaffolding is. The green one is actually bamboo.

willow said...

I finally got to see the Lincoln Memorial a year or two ago...a landmark I've always yearned to see in person...and Abe was partially covered in scaffolding!