Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is the digital version of the wonderful Rolleiflex. I have a cheaper version, but in the same format. Two and a quarter inch square pictures on emulsion film. First it was hard to get that size processed, then even harder to find a lab that would develop black and white film. But Oh the joys of standing over a tripod, framing the picture with the help of the cross hairs, choosing shutter speed and aperture and then finally releasing the shutter's spring, not at all sure how much the picture would come out the way I had imagined it. It felt like something between an art and a craft.
Now, with a modern camera, I just point the camera, look at what I have just shot and shoot it again until I get what I want. Later I can choose from hundreds of shots instead of twelve per roll, and picture edit the shots again . It's just not photography anymore. It should simply be called "Digital picture capture".


virginia said...

yes, a capture...exactly.

Liza said...

well, i felt the same way until i started using a dslr vs. a point and shoot. i've applied the same photography principals and shoot very little. i hate to edit hundreds of the same image. makes me feel like i have shutter tourette's.

greetings from florida.

marc aurel said...

I think My son has a dslr. It's a five hundred plus dollar thing, so it should be special. He gets great shots and is impassioned by macro lenses. What I miss, is the magic of not knowing what I am shooting. It felt as if I were practising some kind of twentieth century alchemy. Both my parents had Leicas and I must get round to using the one I inherited from my father. I love your eye and the pictures you make.

greetings from Ontario.