Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Apart from the metro entrances, there are all sorts of remnants in Paris of the great Art Nouveau movemnt around the time of the great exhibition. This mosaic firm is still a going concern. I wonder who commissions mosaics these days.

I've been much comforted recently by something I sometimes forget to do every night as I lie in the dark before falling asleep. I thought Cathy gave it to me, but she forgets. Anyway, I go through ten things that I am grateful for that have happened earlier that day. It's sometimes hard to think of all ten, but I'm getting better at it.

Yesterday, I was so worried that my new plan of getting up later, (since I am experimenting with taking public transit all the way into town), that I got up early, thinking I was half an hour late, called in to my boss's answering machine and only realised on the streetcar that it was still rather too dark and that I was a full hour and a half early for work. I was so tired all day, that I actually fell asleep at the daily meeting and again on the streetcar going home. Last night I got to bed early and slept in late. Still got to work with ten minutes to spare.

Necrotising Faceitis is the new terror at work. A very few of our clients have had it. I took a suspected case to hospital today and noted that we were all careful not to touch him without gloves. He is the same man whom I took to hospital and exclaimed "Jesus" (in the catholic hospital), when I saw a deep hole in his leg. He is largely indifferent to his medical problems. His only worry is when he will get his next smoke. He reminds me strongly of Mario in his go-kart in the video games of ten years ago.


willow said...

Lovely art nouveau sign. And lovely practice of thinking of ten thankful things before going to sleep at night. I like that.

lakeviewer said...

Thank you for adding my post and becoming a follower. How did you find me?

lakeviewer said...

It's good to meet you and be exposed to more of Paris.

French Fancy said...

I do like that building.

You be careful, marc

lakeviewer said...

What is this new terror you're all worried about catching?

marc aurel said...

Ar first everyone was careful not to touch my client, but now that anti-biotics have worked their magic, we all realise that he never had necrotising faceitis. Doctors and nurses are pulpating his wound with bare hands. He is much better although he will have had to have four intravenous treatments in all.