Saturday, November 27, 2010

My niece posted this wonderful art photo on Facebook

Snow, first of the season on the ground in our garden. The two eldest sons and us, we are off to the family Christmas party. We were supposed to have left now. With some trepidation I have to return to work on December first. I still don't sleep well. I cannot lie on my left side and wake every time my body wants to roll off my back. Thus in the morning I tend to slumber on, trying to catch up on the night's lack of rest. I was telling Cathy that I think it will be at least another two months before I am back to normal. She said it would be good for me to work as I have become too inactive and this I see is true, but brrrr, I am not looking forward to being up at six in the dark and home at six also in the dark. It serves me right for choosing to live so far out in the suburbs.
I think we are leaving....
(Later) The party was fine, although the huge family was reduced to only about 40 attendees this year. I found that I have lost my nerve in the car, especially returning in the dark, my son driving quite fast, sometimes with wisps of snow blowing low across the road. The persistent thought that we might crash and that, of course, my chest would open up again, I found quite terrifying. I closed my eyes and recited protection mantras silently to myself. They did not help much.
Arrived home safe and sound and watched "Casino Royal" up to the bit that made me cry the first time. Eva Green is lovely and will be recognised as a great actress someday. This is the third film I have seen her in.
Woke several times in the night, but slept in till nine. I feel ancy today, perhaps because I have to go back to work.

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