Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Friday I started this record of flagged visitors on the right. It is hard to understand why I get visitors from quite exotic places.
I am still at home recuperating slowly from an operation on my chest. I will have to return to work in just over one more week. I can't imagine what it will be like to get out of bed at five to six again and get through the day without the afternoon nap to which I have become accustomed.
I just got a call from an old old friend and when I mentioned that all the furniture in the Stieg Larsson book I am reading seems to be also from IKEA, she said that she had stopped reading him in horror. She said that there is a vogue for describing unspeakable violence towards women, while pretending to be feminist. We both watched Medium from the beginning and have noticed how the crimes on that show have become more violent and almost always involve violence against women. Her feminist roots rebel against this new excess of violence against women. I very much see what she means, but will go on with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo mainly because I enjoy the amateur quality of a book written for the entertainment of the author with no original intention of publishing it. His first title for the book was Men Who Hate Women and he wrote three books before approaching a publisher. He was dead at fifty. However gruesome some scenes are, I enjoy the read much as I enjoy blogs more than learned articles.

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Will said...

I recently did a short blog on Larsson's books. "Tattoo" was entertaining but the next became overly grim. I quit reading early in the "Hornet's Nest" story.

Another TV show w/ way too much violence towards women is "Criminal Minds". Actually I surprised its on TV at all.

If the journalist character in the books is a picture of Larsson himself I understand why he died at 50. Constant smoking, gallons of coffee, sleepless nights working and lots of junk food.