Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts du jour:
We are soon off to France for my niece's wedding, however her father-in-law to be is very ill and they may have to high tail it to New York, get married there and race back to France for the party her father has planned so carefully. The wedding of his son two years ago was in the French Alps and was spectacular, spectacular. I identify with the albino croc.. The bloke in the bowler represents what I might have worn for the wedding, if another brother, who lives in Blighty, can of gotten hold of the bowler tres large for my swollen head. Brolly is optional and not de rigueur these days. The clock face is for a wild plan to turn a piece of vacant land near where we live into a very simple sun dial. I will propose this outrageous idea to the multi-millionaire, who owns much of the lots around here. He owns a Honda dealership and his receptionist suggests I make an appointment with him when he is less busy, perhaps in the high summer, I guess. The drawing like photograph is POD from wikipedia. I like the way she has been photoshopped. I return to work on Monday after a prolonged absence. I will ask for another different schedule, perhaps with Thursdays and Sundays off. At my age, the strain of my work is beginning to tell quite significantly. The managers are insulated a bit more than the front line workers, who are mainly younger, stronger and still very dedicated. I have never worked among so many 'do-gooders', and they have sustained me for ten years, the longest I have ever been in one job. Enough for now. "'See you in the funny papers", as a friend used to say.


willow said...

I want to see you in the bowler!!!

French Fancy said...

What a shame about illness timed with a wedding. Nobody knows what to do for the best I suppose. I love the idea of you attending as the ubiquitous English gent - I reckon you would look spiffing in a three piece suit.

Good luck with changing your working schedule. I do miss working - one never expects to.

marc aurel said...

willow; my bro belongs to two English theatre companies. You may see me in a large bowler yet!

FF Work, as they say in "Three Sisters" is everything. I will soon have to invent my own.

rosaria said...

You could just dress up and take pictures for us with your bowler hat and in your fineries.

Work can be a pain sometimes, no?