Sunday, May 23, 2010

These were a long time coming. What do my blogging friends think of them? I found a note in my handwriting in the drawers next to my bed. It read, "Angela Kershaw 2006 "Women in Europe between the wars: Politics, Culture and Society", Ashgate Publishing pp145 ISBN 07546 6845
Sounds boring but won't be!"
I found the book in our Toronto library system, but lost the note: Knowing it would turn up, I kept the book, which disappeared. When I reported this loss to the library, they charged me 135 dollars, as it was their only copy. Recently I found the book and was reimbursed. Then I found the note, reapplied for the book and found a very interesting article about the photographer. These are just a tiny fraction of her work. So what do you think, or know about Claude Cahun?
We are off to Paris and Marseilles in three weeks and I am determined, mainly for other reasons, to visit the museum of the thirties, the Louvres and the Galleries Lafayettes. Maybe catch a movie, but, sadly, I just quit a three weeks smoking binge, so I won't be able to smoke even one Boyar.

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