Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the spring of 2008 we went to France for my nephew's wedding. That's me before the tooth was removed, which made me look like a pirate for a while. The cemetery is, of course, Pere Lachaise, which we visited on the way back from the wedding, which had been in the mountains of Haute Savoi. It was in the mountains that my brothers gave me this laptop, which is still functioning well, although the Y needs a little bit of extra pressure on the keyboard. Then, there was no question, but that I would go on working for some time. It was only when I was 65, that I realised I could not recover from operations as easily as when I was younger and I retired a few days after my 66th birthday.  The best part of being retired is being able to get up when I feel like it and being able to have a nap during the day if I get up early. Today I had two naps. I sleep much better without the old anxiety that I might not be getting enough sleep. Also, not having to get up in the dark and go out to a streetcar stop in the snow or rain is very relaxing. I'm loving the winter again as I used to when I was a teenager.

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