Saturday, September 24, 2011

My friend James Davidson found me on Facebook and sent me these pictures. I had not seen him since I ran into him when I was twenty six and had not seen him for seven years before that. So these are either when I was twenty six or when I was eighteen. I have lost a lot of hair since then. As a teenager I hated my hair which was always growing in the wrong directions all over the place. I now realise that I was quite nice looking, but, at the time, because of acute acne and stiffness, I did not feel it at all.


Hels said...

A man reaches his peak at about 18, yet this is the very time when men are totally lacking in confidence about themselves. About their looks, their personalities, their sex appeal, their academic skills and sporting abilities.

So if 18 is largely a horrible time, why not allow men to peak at 30? Or 40?

marc aurel said...

I don't think I grew up until I was thirty