Sunday, January 23, 2011

This beautiful office and warehouse has been abandoned for the ten year's I have worked on that street in downtown Toronto. Last week a film crew was using it for a location. The roof is in in good order and has been shielded where the tiles are absent. There is a long range plan to redevelop the street. I so much hope they will restore it.

My posts have been too serious of late. I do want wars to end and for diplomacy to prevail. It goes back to the way I was educated, although I was no hippy. I was very straight well into my twenties.
I had to drive Cathy's new Honda yesterday. Well, it is not as comfortable for a big man as the Intrepid was and with a coat I root around for the clasp for the seat belt. My son had been driving it and it starts off beeping at me furiously. I looked for the handbrake, but could not find it! I had to go back into the house and ask them where it was. It was, needless to say, hidden under my coat and I grumbled that an automatic never needs the handbrake on except on the steepest of hills or in certain rare situations. He disagreed. At twenty four he thinks he know everything about what he uses and he does use his mother's car too much. He wants me to front him seven hundred dollars so that he can repair his own car so that he can sell it. Not likely for a while and meanwhile his car is blocking up our one-car garage. Scallywag. We need the garage for a work-shop for our lovely last born who graduates in jewelry making this April.
I have three adult sons and they are still all unemployed in various ways. We can't back them up much longer. The trouble is we had children very late and their troubles would have been easier to help with if, say, we were still in our late thirties or early forties.

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Bill said...

Seem many families have a similar story ... Regarding almost adult children (or childishly young adults).

Wisdom works when the audience decides you are wise, not before. And after such a decision they act so surprised.