Monday, December 28, 2009

Does this still work?

For a clearer, stereo You tube sound, type this after the URL &fmt=18


French Fancy said...

Hello Marc - it's been a while. Talking of which I remember ages ago - probably last year - you talked about divulging your real first name. Go on - get personal

Anyway, let's hope we all have a new year with no visits to the doctor and lots of trips to interesting places


marc aurel said...

There was an old joke: my name's Caresley....Scarcely Matters. Bad joke, but I'm going to stay coy. To date, my real name, partly because it is singular, has over two hundred Google references. Fame enough for me. I don't want anyone being able to say, "Oh, so that's who Marc Aurel REAlly is!". Yeah lots of trips and less docs, that's a nice toast.