Saturday, November 7, 2009



willow said...

His work is so magical, isn't it?

(btw, Marc, has anyone else mentioned how long it takes for your blog to load? Maybe if you only show 6 or 8 posts on your blog page, it might help. Just sayin'.) :^)

marc aurel said...

You're absolutely right. I usually limit it to 17 posts, but wanted to look back at the past without continually going to "older posts".

French Fancy said...

I've got to agree with Willow here, Marc - sometimes I just give up and close you down - in the nicest possible way of course. Another thing - I remember ages ago - maybe almost a year ago - you teasing us with changing the name of your blog to your real name - well?

Love the building in the photo btw,

marc aurel said...

Real name. Mmm. The trouble is, well, the trouble is, unlike John Smith, I can't hide behind all the other John Smiths. My parents made sure that I would be the only person with my name in existence. This gave me a secure sense of self, but left me shy of using that name. So, for the while, what is on the internet will stay on the internet and what is in life will be in life. Sorry.
Seventeen posts don't load slowly, do they?

marc aurel said...

I think I would like to live four stories up. I could still walk up when the elevator breaks down and run down when I don't want to wait for one to go down. The apartment looks as if it has seven windows, each of a different shape and of different dimensions. I discovered him through his paintings. Do you know them?

lakeviewer said...

Hi Marc,
Glad to see you. I've lost you there for a while, for some reason or other. Now, with so many blogs, who can find you?

We wish our bill were more like the Canadian Health care. Not by a long stretch.