Wednesday, August 12, 2009



I've been reading about these men, but, in any case I really like this period of portraiture as it is quite close to photography. We were in Parham recently and I saw a portrait that was evidently painted so that someone could visualise a future bride. The person I was with said, "But then other people got powerful and, or famous, and that was the reason they were painted". I mumbled something about fashionable portrait painters and we sauntered on. I have been there several times. If you find yourself in Sussex, I urge you to go. A family bought it in the twenties and were rich enough for a while to restore it very well. The descendants of those buyers still live there. In the East I would recommend Leeds and here, Parham.


willow said...

WT visited Leeds Castle last year. I was green with envy. Still am.

French Fancy said...

How wonderful to be able to draw and paint like that. I can't draw at all - I'm totally useless!

Si's blog said...

Fabulous places. Envy you the possibility of visiting them.

Anonymous said...

My idea of bliss is to dive into the National Portrait Gallery whenever I'm in London.

It's completely fascinating to see the faces of the famous throughout history.