Saturday, April 12, 2008

It is raining today and set to rain all weekend.

I drove over to work to pick up a big bag of new work clothes and then left the Himler in Tibet book on Alice's doorstep.

On the way back I thought it would be nice to park indoors and go to the Eaton Centre, which Cathy and I did.

We had a really nice time and forgot all about the rain for about three hours.

We bought fine oil and balsamic vinegar, a cutting tool, clothes for Cathy at Reitman's, two novels and Anthony Pagden' s book on war. We also looked at cameras at Blacks and Radioshack and an Ipod Nano at the new Apple store. They also had a very fine desktop for 1300.

We ate at Lettuce which had huge portions of dissapointingly dull food. We had coffee at Starbucks and drove home again again in the rain.

I am determined to go to the AMC again tomorrow morning. We will, at their request, celebrate Matthew's 21st and William's 19th at Southern Accents tomorrow night.

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