Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have just joined gmail, at Kim's suggestion and find that since I joined picassa a while ago all the photos I have downloaded to blogs are saved there, ready for anyone to see at my discretion. Therefore anyone can find this collection through gmail groups, I think.
I read today that obituaries are expected to be the next big new market in the internet. Up to now we oldies were not considered savvy enough to use the net for what interests us, but now that the boomers are aging with their computer skills, the net will change and accomodate them.
I went to the hospital today to pick up an older client, A James E, and I said to a security guard,"I've come to take that old man further into the hospital". When they asked him his age, he was only two years older than me. I must start thinking of myself as an old man. At this time next year I'll be thinking of retiring the following year. Work it out, Cathy does not believe me.

Jolie and Pitt at the golden globes, Winners Daniel Day Lewis and Julie Christie.

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